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about this site
What is The White Album?
First of all, some words about this project purposes. Probably, everyone of us would be pleased keeping in touch with many people studying together in Polytech (Leningrads Polytechnic Institute). Unfortunately, time is rather limited and irreplaceable resource, therefore, it is often being impossible to communicate with everyone you would like to indeed, there is no time. Who knows, maybe web could extend the time, and this virtual crossroads will help former friends and acquaintance to look at each other even from afar.
This site is the place for meeting of former Polytechs graduates Leningrads Polytechnic Institute, Radiophysics Department of 1980th years period. This is the place where there is a chance to find former and new friends; to get knowing about their life and where they are now, what they are and what their occupation; the place where its possible to communicate really with those about whom we are keeping memoirs. If it is interesting for you well be happy to meet you. And your friends...
Why there is The White Album?
There is no any secret sense in this name. Its only accordant to that time when we were together. Moreover, the main genre of The White Album photo-report is not casual. May be because its the most unostentatious dialogue form. However, memory is involved and fragile thing as a conversation of two once relative people met in twenty years. While its possible looking through the picture album silently. Talking may be after.
If it would be something to speak about...
About the content
The White Album's content is open question. Time will tell what folders should be in it. In many respects it depends on visitors. Now there are only main categories in fact there must be something to start. "Group albums" is the place for the photos devoted to your group of the institute period and today. You are able dividing photos inside the group album, as you want. Student working teams maybe the most understandable category, if you have not found your own here, please write to us, well correct this mistake. Personal pages is the chance for all comers in opening their own personal categories. Here you can also place your family photos. If you hesitate in what place to put the photos, that you have, or you dont remember who and when is shown on the picture easily put them in any category well come to understand together. However, if its only possible, dont forget supplying your photos with detail comments. Everything else is the matter of time. If it would be interesting here, well arrange the table of contents somehow...
To find each other
How could you find the person whom you have not seen for ages? Just The White Album can help. But for now you can learn about him only from common friends and acquaintance. If you like The White Album idea, and if you communicate with our common acquaintance, tell them about it. Simply send the card with photo left by you to each other...

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